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  • CEO Mindset
  • What storytelling really is. Hint: It's not an informercial
  • Branded content is killing the internet, how you can emerge victorious
  • Why real, authentic moments will save your business
  • Perception, Probability and Money
  • Lead It or Lose It
  • Lessons Every Publicist Secretly Wants You To Know
  • Transform Your Company in 30 Days
  • Public Relations 101
  • Strategies for Survival
  • Tragedy and Planning for Crisis

Tony is an accomplished and entertaining speaker. He has deep knowledge tempered with a sense of humor and humility that audiences enjoy and can connect with him on a personal level.  

In every presentation, Tony gives the audience real actionable steps they can implement to improve their business' bottom line, their professional effectiveness and their personal soul urges and desires.  Tony's background in improv makes him unflappable and able to think on his feet, adapting quickly and drawing out even the toughest crowds.

He is professional, and well-prepared and has the mindset to come giving; often giving away years of secrets because he'd rather people become their best selves than to withhold meaningful information that could change their lives.


No presentation is a pitch for something else. It exists solely to make a difference. 

The following organizations and companies have hired Tony to speak to their members and staff:

Boys & Girls Club

Arizona State University Marketing Club

Grand Canyon University Marketing/Advertising

Local First Arizona

International Association of Business Communicators

Arizona Small Business Association

Phoenix Chamber of Commerce

Greater Phoenix Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce

Phoenix Community Development Investment Corporation

APS (Arizona Public Service Electric Company

Public Relations Society of America

Phelps Capital 

Eliances Entrepreneur Network

John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts

City of Scottsdale Arizona

Scottsdale Cultural Council

Marshall Way Arts Gallery Guild


Best speaker for public relations

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