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Don't be afraid

After reading this article today in Entrepreneur I'm reminded that fear can rule many decisions for entrepreneurs. It keeps us up at night, paralyzes us when we need to make a decision, prevents us from hiring or firing when necessary or adopting new ideas. Please read the article it's great, and here are my additional takes on the lessons.

1. You’ll always have more opportunities.

Col. Sanders wasn't a hit until his 70s...he failed many times before striking KFC gold.

2. Be patient.

Nothing happens overnight. Not even "overnight" success--one of the greatest myths ever perpetuated on our collective psyche.

3. Stop selling yourself short.

This could be re-phrased "stop being afraid." It's so easy to compare yourself to others and fall short. Ideas are nothing more than ideas, not indictments. So if the latest business 'guru' says something brilliant you didn't think of yourself, it's not a death sentence for your own brilliance.

4. Experiment, experiment, experiment.

The best thing about being an entrepreneur is your ability to pivot. So what if that certain something didn't work. Try something else else else. And for pete's sake, try that thing that didn't work again, it may be been bad timing, not a bad idea.

5. Play a bigger game than yourself.

Be "purpose driven," not "ego driven." Period.

6. Only compare yourself to yourself.

See number 3. Acknowledge the greatness in others and stop there. Do not try to copy the success of others. You'll fail.

7. Embrace the lowest moments.

When something seems like it's ruining your life, it's not. It's a metaphor for something else. You need to look within.

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