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When you're seven, you know stuff

This week, the company I founded will turn 7 years old. And like a 7 year old, this is what I've learned:

1) a dark room is only scary until you light it with your own personal light 2) people are good but some tend to be selfish, don't be one of them 3) math IS important, if you don't think so you are in BIG trouble 4) always tell the truth, even if it gets you in trouble 5) inevitably if you dress wrong it will be picture day 6) bullies back down if you have a strong sense of self 7) keep your room clean and do your chores without complaint 8) Santa still exists if you keep believing in him 9) if you don't work hard, your report card WILL reflect it 10) you can do things you never dreamed of as long as you dream big

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